About | Crossroads Agriculture
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Crossroads Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture for a better future

For more than two decades, Crossroads AG has been at the forefront of sustainable and efficient farming practices. We are on the ground and in the fields, operating from locally-based headquarters in Kansas, Colorado, and New Mexico across 535,000 acres of land. Through our partnerships with area farmers, we harvest more than 1 million bushels of both wheat and milo annually for domestic sales and international export.


Working on the western edge of the region’s arable dryland, we utilize the latest in industry technology and data insights for maximum yield. From seed to harvest, we are pioneers in the implementation of dryland farming techniques, including the use of a land rotation system and drought-resistant crop varieties. 


Our methods have proved so successful that wheat and milo harvests in eastern Colorado now exceed the region’s grain elevator capacity, and the surplus must be piled on the ground at our facilities. As part of the company’s integrated and efficient operations in the region, these facilities are served by the Soloviev Group’s Colorado Pacific Railroad.


The Soloviev Group also produces crops such as corn, alfalfa hay, and specialty food on irrigated land, partially using organic farming methods.